Reciprocating Compressors

Our heavy-duty reciprocating compressors use frame sizes up to 24,800 kW. All compressors incorporate state-of-the art technology.

• Rigid construction, designed for at least 30 years of continuous operation;

• Horizontally opposed and balanced cylinder configuration, providing in smooth and vibration-free running characteristics;

• Hydraulic crosshead-to-piston rod and piston rod-to-piston connections for reliable operation;

• Adjustable crosshead shoes, which are flat-faced for shimming to adjust rod run-out;

• Open type piston and rider rings for easy mounting;

• Pressure relief on rider rings to maximise their useful life;

• Rolled threads on all high tensile material bolting to avoid fatigue;

• Ample valve cross-section and special gas passages within the cylinders, resulting in a minimum pressure drop, low power consumption and low operating costs.


API 618 and ISO specifications
Without exception, our products meet all of the relevant API 618 and ISO specifications. We have an impressive track record of continuous trouble-free performance in the most challenging environments.

We offer highly innovative and cost effective solutions for applications requiring non-lubricated compression or variable compression capacity.

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We design and manufacture compressors capable of handling:

* corrosive gasses, including HCL, wet CO2, SO2 and H2S
* pressures up to 600 bars
* suction temperatures below -100 °C

Compressor uptime and maintenance
When it comes to compressor uptime and maintenance, we target three objectives: to supply compressors that run continuously for at least three years, to improve compressor uptime through ongoing research and development, and to give operators control over the timing of (maintenance) shutdowns.

Compressor reliability and availability
To maximise compressor reliability and availability, we have developed a tailor-made maintenance tool. The outstanding reliability of Thomassen compressors is evidenced by the number of systems currently in operation around the world.

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